Harmony Module

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Approaching complex chords and convoluted chord progressions with more confidence starts when you learn how to use your new, specialized tool: Chord Numerals.

Fusing music theory together with ear-training without having to rely on staff lines, Chord Numerals expand this comprehensive self-teaching method that will change your relationship to Harmony forever.


'Diatonic Harmony, Horizontal' thumbnail

Episode 5:
Diatonic Harmony, Horizontal

'Towards Playing by Ear: The Harmonic Process' thumbnail

Episode 6:
Towards Playing by Ear: The Harmonic Process

'Listen: Matching' thumbnail

Episode 7:
Listen: Matching

'Listen: Relating' thumbnail

Episode 8:
Listen: Relating

'Listen: Feeling' thumbnail

Episode 9:
Listen: Feeling

'Conclusion – Songs Are Still Your Teacher' thumbnail

Episode 10:
Conclusion – Songs Are Still Your Teacher