Melody Module

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Taking the most difficult melodies and making them simple begins with a revolutionary concept that unlocks it all: Scale Degrees.

Fusing music theory together with ear-training in one system without having to rely on note names, Scale Degrees form the basis of a comprehensive self-teaching method that will change the way you approach Melody forever.


'Introduction to Ear-Training' thumbnail

Episode 4:
Introduction to Ear-Training

'Towards Playing By Ear: The Melodic Process' thumbnail

Episode 5:
Towards Playing By Ear: The Melodic Process

'Listen: Matching' thumbnail

Episode 6:
Listen: Matching

'Listen: Relating' thumbnail

Episode 7:
Listen: Relating

'Listen: Feeling' thumbnail

Episode 8:
Listen: Feeling

'The Ultimate Goal of Ear-Training' thumbnail

Episode 9:
The Ultimate Goal of Ear-Training

'Songs are Your Teacher' thumbnail

Episode 10:
Songs are Your Teacher